Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Clifford the Big Red Principal

Now it's Aden's turn for Halloween!  I got to Aden's class at 2 to set up.  Of course I forgot the cupcakes so I ran home to get them. Literally ran, the parking lot was already full and I didn't want to give up my spot.  There's Finn looking mischievous in the background.
The girls. (almost all princesses)
 The guys.  (mostly Star Wars and superheroes)

 Let's for march in the parade!  We got an email saying the kids could wear masks but the parents couldn't!
 Hulk smash!

 The first grade teachers.
 That's Clifford the Big Red Dog better known as Principal Sanko.
It ended up being longer to walk through the halls and get outside then actual parade for the parents.
 For Melissa!
 Here we go, one lap around the front driveway.

 Aden and Jason.

 Back inside.  Someone got a big Tiffany box!
 Party time!  We were so restricted on what we could bring in.  Had to be store bought and labeled peanut free.  Aden showed everyone how the skeleton bowl worked.  It yells at you when you try and take candy.
 They switch seats all the time.  Right now Aden is sitting across from his girl Maya and next to Finn.
 They kids ate a lot and were happy.

 Principal Sanko came to visit.
 Very funny Finn.

 Treat bags for everyone!
 Amy sent me this during her party.  Bees and the bee keeper!

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