Sunday, November 2, 2014

How Many Minecraft Books Does Anyone Need?

It's 10 Sunday night and I'm really tired because it's really 11, I guess.  I did not really get to enjoy the extra hour this morning as we had to get up early anyway to go to a special event at synagogue.  More on that later.  As I figured, I did not take many pictures over the weekend so good thing I still have a bunch leftover from last week.

Ariel was reenacting the silly turkey from the Sandra Boynton book Blue Hat Green Hat.
 Aden tried out the new playground at his school.  Volunteers just built it.
 I may have mentioned I'm Aden's homeroom mom.  I had to go help out with the book fair.  
 I don't know why they needed help, the kids did not listen and all picked out the worst books, mostly about Minecraft.
 Aden and Maya sitting in a tree!
 Ben and Finn working hard on the computers in the library.
 Aden finally can use a mouse pretty well.
 So I bought mint leaves for a drink and had a bit of a surprise.  A tiny slug!
 Laughing with the girls.
 We had a bit of an incident with Burghy.  He was visiting with Melissa and Ariel got into his face while he was eating and he nipped her cheek. 
 She was laughing by the time we got to the doctor.  
 No biggie and they are still buddies.
 The leaves are all about to fall!  I find it depressing when they are all gone.
 The other homeroom mom and I went to school to do a quick craft.  We brought masks for them to color.  
 It was really fun hanging out with the kids.  They are cute.

Me and my buddy!
 The teacher took this later and sent it to us.  Such a big class!  We were amazed at how long it took to get anything done.  They are so so slow.  It's like trying to herd 25 kittens.
I went to pick up Ariel one and day and Jake and Lilly were there visiting.
 Checking out Joann Fabrics with daddy who started working on a project but gave eventually gave up.

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