Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spooky Hallway

So I totally missed these pictures.  On the previous post, we were up to Aden's parade Friday afternoon but last Wednesday, we had the Holland Harvest at Aden's school.  It's a yearly festival put on by the PTO.  First we did some bowling.

 Then we guessed the candy in the jar.
The big event every year is the Spooky Hallway.  The sixth graders take over 2 hallways and set up a haunted house.  Aden and all his friends had been looking forward to going.
 Our guide.
Let's just say, there should be an age limit of probably sixth grade. Aden and all his friends were beyond terrified.  It could have been cute and fun scary but it was not.  It was very dark and the kids were all dressed like zombies.  They would not just jump out but but they ran over and grabbed us and screamed.  I was carrying Ariel and her nails were digging into my neck.  Aden was visibly upset within 10 feet.  We bailed out the first exit we could find.
This was Aden's face right after!  He was a mess the rest of the night and even slept with us for the first time in many years.  
 We tried to distract him with the other activities they had.
 Ariel seemed to get over it quickly.
 It's Jack!

 Why do they love tattoos so much?
Joseph looking scary!

 Ariel's turn.
 Ariel had a hard time picking a sweet treat.
 Council Rock Marching band!
 Time to go home.
 So I find Aden on his Harley heading down the hallway.  He said he was going as far from the Spooky Hallway as possible!  Poor guy.  Talked about it for days.  I said just think, when you are helping to run it in 6th grade, you can scare Ariel and the twins!

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