Sunday, February 8, 2015

36 Weeks!

It's Sunday night and I just have a short post.  We made it to 36 weeks!  She really could go at any time, which is kind of crazy. We won't know the type of delivery until that moment.  We don't know what to wish for, there are pros and cons to both.  Mark brought back all the baby stuff we had given them for Eva.  I was so excited to see the stuff leave a year ago, just as happy as he was to give it all back!  Amy had been doing really well up until a couple of days ago but now she is really starting to slow down.  Getting on and off the bed is so painful.  She still looks great though!
I promise the basketball pictures are almost done.  It ends this week and we are not signing Aden up for the next session.  We have all had enough for now.  I think you have the wrong sport Ariel.

 Aden is getting fierce out there!

His shots get about half way to the basket and the baskets are really low.  We need to work on that.
Ariel and Sophie found the closet of goodies.

Aden always ends be a bit overmatched.  Not sure why he choses to defend the teacher.
 Being silly.

 Again he's taking a shot against the teacher.
 When will Sophie be able to sit already?

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