Monday, February 23, 2015

Almost Bris Time

So last Thursday was the boy's bris.  That's always an emotional time for the parents but I think we were so worried about having people at the house that it really didn't get to us till last minute. Aden's bris was huge.  We invited everyone.  That was too much and too overwhelming.  This time we made a conscious effort to keep it small.  We really didn't invite anyone.  People seemed to invite themselves so please don't be offended if you feel you should have been there.  We were just trying to get through the day.

Cantor Kushner, who also did Aden's bris, took this picture of us.
Ariel was ready.
And so were the petit fours.  My favorite.
Got the table and white pillows.
 Catering by Foodarama.  Yummy.  
 Cantor K is on a strict schedule.  We were his third!
 Our beautiful neighbors.
Baby Nathan is getting so big!  Hope going to another Bris didn't bring back any bad memories from December!

 Gina is having the next baby.
 My high school buddies Andy and Jaime.
 The basement was full of kids.
 Ariel and uncle Mark playing catch.
Ariel and Ashley going crazy.

 Melissa and baby Nathan.
 The pretty friends.  

 I think this might be our first family shot!
 Ok, time to get this started.....

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