Sunday, February 15, 2015

Noah and Eli

Welcome to all the new friends joining us.  It may be hard to believe but I have been updating this blog 5 days a week for almost 8 years!  I have a small following but I mainly do this for my kids. It is a diary of their lives they will always have. Now you know why I take so many pictures.  I need material!  If you intend to check back, I update Monday through Friday!  I need a break over the weekend.  It drives Amy crazy when I'm on the computer every night.  If you put your email in to the spot on the right, the posts will be sent to you.

We came home with the babies Saturday morning and so far it's going really well! (except that it's now been 4 days and we cannot tell them apart without looking at their hospital bracelets they are still wearing)

Back to Friday.  I slept at home with the kids.  What a glorious night's sleep!  Ariel didn't even come in to bother me till around 8.
Wow, it was cold.  I took Ariel to school then Aden and I ran around trying to get the house ready for Amy, the babies and the nurse.
Amy took some shots of the kids before we got there.

The binkie is almost bigger than his face!
They lost a little weight.  Now Noah is 5-1 and Eli is 4-13.
Aden went with me to the hospital.  We brought Amy lunch.  She says Abington's food has been hit or miss.
It was lunchtime the day after they were born and we still didn't have names.  We each had out lists but had a hard time agreeing. Noah was a name Amy always wanted.  I just kind of liked Eli so that's where we ended up!
Not peaceful.
I left Aden there and went to go pick up Ariel.  
Our first group shot!  

My parents are finally back from their cruise.  
That was it for Friday so I'm going to catch up on the week a little. (I still have Aden's Valentines party).  Ariel and her buddies during Spirit Day.  Of course she is always next to Dylan!
Ariel playing with Aden's friends at his aftercare.

Jason over to play.
The boys took these on their own.

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