Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Big Photo Shoot

It's Thursday night and I just realized how far behind on pictures I am.  This post will just get us through part of last Sunday.  I will have to catch up next week.  Saturday morning the boys hung out in our room.
 Then they got ready for their big day.
 We had a photographer come to do a photo shoot.  Some of you might have seen these pics but I through in some of the background shots to make it more interesting.  These are not the professional pictures.  They are just the ones I grabbed on my phone.  We haven't gotten them back yet from the photographer.
 We did do some shots of the six of us but obviously I couldn't get any pics of those.

 Action shot.

   They spent so much time trying to arrange the babies.

 Everyone who has seen these seems to love the next 2 the best.

 It snowed that day pretty hard.  Aden spent most of the day next door playing with Benjamin.
 Ariel and I went to get him later.  Aden and Ben were busy with video games so Winston played with Ariel.
 Joe taught Ariel how to play foosball.
 This actually happened after swim but I didn't feel like switching the pics.  Amy took Ariel to the Newtown Administration Building to meet Princess Rapunzel and Flynn.  She dressed up as Princess Ariel.
 I hear all the girls had a great time.
 They played games, did crafts and ate.

 Back to swim.  
 There was a girl from Ariel's class there.  It was her first time and she did not let go of dad the whole time.
 Ariel kept trying to get her to relax but it didn't work.

 Have a great weekend!

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