Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Birthdays

Tonight we had the boys Bris.  It was a crazy time.  It's always an emotional ceremony then just having all those people at our house. I can't wait to go to sleep!  Look for the pics later.  

I actually have a bunch more from this week but I'm just going to do Monday and some other random ones.  Monday was grandpa Jeff's birthday so everyone came over for dinner and cake.

 Lots of kids to wrestle with now.
 So little.

 Still not used to seeing Eva walk.
 Cake time.

 Feeding cake off her finger to her baby cousin.

 Our girls.
 These were actually Monday morning.
 Someone was awake.  And I really do mean someone!
 Art projects on the day off.
 It was freezing cold but we had to head out the boys first checkup!
 We made it to CHOP Newtown.
 What do you think about going to the doctor?
 It's not that bad!

 Both looked healthy.  Because Eli was delivered breach, it's protocol to monitor his hips for a year.  He has to get ultrasounds and x-rays.  

 Time to head home.

There's a horse in Ariel's class.

 Some more painting.
 The brothers chillin'.
 I used to take pics of people sitting on the big chair.  I should start again.

 Ariel trying out the boy's new seats.

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