Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Will You Be My Valentine?

Well, the kids had a snow day today and we all worked hard to get the house ready for the Bris.  We think we are finding ways to tell the babies apart, although we are still only right about half the time! Everyone is doing great but I'm going to take a break from baby pictures to finish off last week.  Aden has his last basketball for now.  Ariel wanted to play with the big boys.

 Hey Uncle Andrew!

 Aden tries to make the other boys laugh.

 He's really not very good but as long as he's having fun.
 Ariel loves Sophie.
 So the boys were born Thursday, which was also the same day as Aden's Valentines party.  I was supposed to help but no one expected me to come.  So Thursday afternoon, the babies were in the nursery and Amy was going to sleep so I figured I would try and make it.  Everyone was shocked to see me!
First we exchanged Valentines cards.

 Then we moved the boxes aside for crafts and games.
 Pile up the candy!
 Joseph enjoying one of our snacks.
 Some mom worked hard.
 They had to fill in things they love.  I was impressed with the writing skills and ideas of the kids.

The kids all had a great time.  It went fast as always.  Hard to believe there is only one more party!  After the party, I took Aden, picked up Ariel and headed to the hospital so the kids could meet the babies.
Ok, a few more shots of the babies.  Going up the stairs with the big kids and leaving the little ones behind.  
 Then back down to get the babies.  Up and down with these seats until we think of a better idea.
 Chillin' on Aden's bed.
 Get ready Aden, they are going to love to stay with you one day.

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