Thursday, February 12, 2015

They Have Arrived!

Well what a 24 hours we just had.  That was one for the record books.  This is late Thursday night and we are now a family of 6!  Please give a warm welcome to Baby A and Baby B!  I think at this point Amy is set on their names, me, not so much.  They are happy and healthy, but let's start from the beginning.  
I grabbed this pic late Wednesday night.  Little did I know, it was the end of the belly.  Amy had been very uncomfortable for a few days but there was no sign of regular contractions.  Around 12:30, right after we fell asleep, her water broke!  This had never happened before.  Her water had to be broken for the other two kids.  Of course something woke up Ariel just as this was happening and she wandered in.  We had no idea what to do.  We ran around in circles until we remembered to call my sister to come over.
Long ride to the hospital.  Amy started having hard contractions.
I was pretty mellow!
She came in at 4 cm.  She got the epidural and felt much better. We still were not sure the type of delivery.  We were actually in the delivery room waiting for her to dilate from like 2:30 to like 8.  
Finally, she was 10 cm and baby A's head was down so we suited up for a regular delivery in the OR just in case they needed to do a c-section.  Maybe I should have been a doctor.  Or at least on Grey's Anatomy.
This was new for us too.  We had never seen the Operating Room.
Pretty soon the room filled up with people.  It was crazy.
Amy only had to push for 10 minutes and baby A made his appearance.  I know that sounds like it was easy but Amy really worked hard.
5lbs 4 oz.
Baby B was a bit more interesting.  He had been transverse for a while (sideways) but they were able to turn him so that his feet were down and then just pulled him out by his feet.  I watched the whole thing.  Wow.
5 lbs, 3 oz.
That wasn't so bad!
One of my boys.
Amy did such a great job.

They kept looking at each other.  Amazing!
I was excited to hold both.
Our beautiful, warm and snuggly boys!

 The proud grandparents.
 Feeding time!
 The boys are pretty quiet so far.

I went to get the kids at school.  Bev had spent the night and Mark went over in the morning to help get them ready for school.  Aunt Melissa was there when we arrived.  
 The kids were excited!


 I think Uncle mark might be ready for another.
 Melissa wanted to see if she could hold both.
 Then Steve and Judy came to visit.  
I took the kids home and got them to bed which is where I'm headed after being up for 48 hours!

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