Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Little Men

It's late Tuesday night and Amy and I just got back from a dinner date!  The nurse had the babies and Amy's parents came to watch the older ones so we got a night off!  We went to Princeton and had a very nice dinner.  

Back to the bris.  It was go time! 
 The kids kept my great aunt company.
 My grandmother was in the middle of the action.
 Passed the babies around to all the family, even Aden.

 The mohel always gives the dad the scalpel and tells him to go for it or to pass it back to him to take over.  I almost gave it a try.

 And it's done.

 Nothing like some wine on a stick.

 Mazel Tov!  I'm surprised Aden didn't run away from him.

  Ali and Todd and Nate.
 Jaime, Abby and Andrew.
 My grandmother and her baby sister.
 Everyone should have been eating more.  There were lots of leftovers.

 It's really hard to have a party at your house.  It's always such a blur.

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