Monday, June 1, 2015

I Heart Dad

It's Monday night and pouring rain.  We haven't had a significant rainfall in months but we are definitely making up for it now.  None of the kids seemed fazed by the thunder.  Here are some random pics from last week.

Our roses have bloomed!  This happens like twice a summer.

 Click to see it bigger.  This was Ariel's report card.
 Walking up the path to pick up Aden at school.
 Ariel is not afraid to wrestle with Aden.

 Aden leaving for school.  Ariel wanted to go so badly.
 Ariel's class.

 Who dressed him?
 The boys staring at each other.

 I heart dad!
 Lunch at Grub Burger.  Had to try the bourbon caramel milkshake!  Yummy!
 The boys staring at each other again.
Eli makes the best faces.

 I may have mentioned that Ariel was 3 1/2 on Friday.  The same age as Elmo!

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