Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bouncing Babies

It's after 11 on Sunday night.  We just got home from the shore a little while ago and got all the kids to bed pretty quickly so I have a time for a quick post before I also go to bed.  Tomorrow's post will be much bigger!

Ariel giving me the stink eye because I was spying on her and her boyfriend Dylan.
 Daddy is still number 1 though!
 Babies being silly.

 Playing with the neighbors.  
 Susy has a garden and grew a ton of strawberries.  I think Ariel ate most of them.

 We put the new neighbors to work with the babies.
 Look at the sky.  I got an alert from my Dark Sky app saying the rain would be starting in 6 minutes.  I told everyone to go home.  They were skeptical but we left and walked in the garage as the storm started.  That app is freaky accurate.
 Hey Eli!
 First time in the bouncer.
 Eli did well.

 Then it was Noah's turn.
 Noah doesn't have as much head control as Eli so far but he did well too! It's nice to have a place to put them so they are not always laying down on their heads.

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