Sunday, June 28, 2015


It's Sunday night and we are back from the shore and everyone is asleep.  We almost didn't go to the shore but we missed it last week and I can't miss 2 weekends in a row.  On reflection, maybe we should have stayed.  It poured all day Saturday and Amy and her mom had to drive all the way home for a bridal shower in the shower.  Sunday was deceivingly pretty out, but by the time we got to the beach, it was windy and cold.  Oh well.  At least we tried.  

Back to last Monday.  It was Aden's first day of camp at Southampton.  He was so excited.
 Ariel couldn't understand why she wasn't going too.  Her camp starts tomorrow.
 So much stuff.

 Aden's counselor Aron, who was in my camp bunk at Twin Oaks like 30 years ago, is also his driver.
 Checking out the bouncy seat.
It was a hot day.  Ariel was keeping cool.

 Back from camp day 1!  Look at that smile.  Says it all.
 There's Aron.  It's nice seeing his counselor every day to get some feedback on Aden's day.
 The neighbor's basement.  The right 2/3s is wallpaper.  The left 1/3 is matching paint.  I guess they ran out of the mural.
 Melissa chillin' with the babies.
 Ariel and Burghy passed out.
 Whatcha doin' Aden?
 Playing outside.
 Pretty soon we will have to put up the second baby swing so the boys can play too.

 It's nice that there are always kids outside playing.
 Ariel and Alex racing to the top.

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