Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bunk 13

It's Wednesday night and all is quiet.  Today was beautiful out. Ariel went to dance camp again and Aden had another great day at camp. The first week is more than half over already!  It's nice that his counselor is his driver so actually know what's going on every day! 

Back to Saturday, we went to Southampton Summer Day Camp to meet the counselor.  

 Jason is in Aden's bunk.
 There's the zip line.
 We really didn't need the tour.  We know the place well.

Next year Ariel!
 That's the owner of the camp helping us with the boys!

 Then we went to my parent's house to swim.

 Eva loved the water.

He insisted on some underwater shots.

 Lunch break!

 Back in the pool.

I guess it was too much.  Eva passed out!

 I took over.

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