Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sleeping on the Porch

So last Friday we left for the shore after dinner.  There was no traffic by then but the kids were tired and kind of annoying.  Ariel kept asking if we were there yet.  She basically did not stop speaking the whole time.  We got down around 10.
Good night kids.  Silly Ariel.

This is how they woke up.
Amy's parents were already at Juniors by the time we got up. Actually, Amy and Eli both slept till like 9!  I was up early with Noah and the big kids.  It was nice to wake up to fresh doughnuts!  We then wandered over to my parent's house.
 I can't believe it's been over 9 months!
 The boys got tired fast and just wanted to sleep.
We all love sleeping on the porch.

Then it was time to swim.

 The kids were so excited.

 Hey Uncle Mark!
 Hey Eva!
 Eva is so fascinated by Ariel.
 They have the same shoe size!
 After swimming, we all wanted to walk so we headed to Juniors.  
Then the playground for a short time.

 Back to get ready for dinner.

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