Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pool After beach is Awesome

It's Wednesday night.  Just got back from the Trenton Thunder game with Aden and Ariel.  That was fun.  Aden finished first grade today.  That's amazing.  I hope he remembers how great it was.  I guess it will help that I was there a lot taking pictures and videos!

Saturday morning at the shore.  Eli was up and ready to go!

Amy actually stayed back with the babies and I went to the beach with Aden and Ariel.  Ariel found her friends right away.

 My little big girl.
 Ariel tried a little surfing.

 It was really hot and the beach got crowded.
 She's up on the board!
 Baby Eva came to join us!

 Eva was wearing Ariel's suit that she was probably wearing last summer.  Eva is catching up!
 Ok, too hot, time to head to the pool.
 The boys were waiting for us at my parent's house.
A quick icy treat.
 Then everyone in the pool!

The winds shifted from the land to the sea and the temperature dropped.  Time to get out!

 So cute!
 We all ate dinner at Lambertis.
 Ariel ate with Melissa, Mark and Alex at a different table.
 Enjoying your dinner?

 Finally, our first trip to the Dairy Bar for the season.

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