Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Noah and Eli are 4 Months!

It's Tuesday night.  The boys had their 4 month checkup today. They are both doing well.  They are about 13 lbs, which is around 3%, but that's not adjusted for them being preemies so they are actually bigger.  Poor things didn't handle their shots very well.  I have a feeling it might be a long night.  They are sleeping now but will probably wake up.  Aden had his end of year party today.  That was fun.  The kids were a bit crazy.  They are obviously done with the year.  I will miss Mrs. Gainsley though.  Her enthusiasm is infectious.  I will post those pics later.  

Here are some outtakes from the 4 month photo shoot.

 The love to touch each other now.

 Young Author's Day at Holland Elementary.  Amy and I helped out.  
 The whole school came in and we go about 10 kids in our group from random grades.
 We scattered around the grounds.
 Aden in his robe.

 The kids all read stories they wrote during the year.  The all did a great job.
 If you turn up the volume, you should be able to hear Aden's.

 Ariel's last day of the 2s.  We brought the babies so Mrs. Maria could hold them one more time.
 Ariel's friends were fascinated.
 Thanks Mrs. Maria for an amazing year!

 So sad to see the room empty.  All ready for campers!

 Baby Nate has a great smile, even when he's sitting in the corner!
Our cactus came back to life!
I guess it likes the warm weather we have been having.

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