Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Best Lamb Shank

We had a rough start to the second day.  I guess everyone was thrown off by getting up so early the day before and had trouble sleeping.  We were supposed to get to my friend Stacey's house for breakfast around 10 but didn't make it till 11.
 Ridiculous neighborhood in Parkland about 1/2 hour away.
 Look at these houses.

Stacey and I grew up together.  She's been down here for almost 20 years.  They moved into this house like 6 months ago.
Movie theater anyone?

 It was not a very baby proofed house.

 We had to keep a constant lookout.
 Stacey had Eli on her lap and he grabbed her cup of coffee.  It spilled over him and the pretty white fabric chair.  It was a bit chaotic but I think Eli and the chair are ok.

 When we got back, Amy's parents and Melissa and Mark arrived.

 Eva was so happy to see Ariel.

We walked over to the condo they were all staying at.
 It was a cute place.

 So happy to be back on my beach.
 That night the 13 of us and some of my cousins went to dinner at Taverna Kyma in Boca.  It's Amy's favorite place.  
 We were a big crowd!

 Cousin Debbie.

 Cousins Amy and Jarrod.

Have a great weekend!

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