Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Little Mermaid

Wow it was a beautiful day!  I even barbecued dinner.  Did it ever hit 80 in March before?  Aden finally has a loose tooth.  He lost like 7 in a short amount of time over a year ago and nothing since. We need to come up with a cool way to pull it out.  Drone?  

Good morning boys!
Quick snowfall.
Amy took the twins to visit Beverly.

 I stopped at Macy's at the Neshaminy Mall.  They are redecorating. Crazy to see it so empty.
 Bev and my mom came over to help Aden with his dinosaur project.

 We went to Council Rock High School South to see the school play, The Little Mermaid.  I thought it looked cute that Aden was so small.  I will take this picture again in 7 years!
 It was sold out!
 The kids were excited.

 They didn't allow pictures or videos.  They said it was part of the license.  I think that sucks.  There were parents of kids in the play sneaking pictures and videos.  Why should they have to do that?  What could Disney stand to lose by people taping kids in a play?  Needless to say, I grabbed a couple of pictures.
 Prince Eric came out during the intermission to meet the kids.
 We saw lots of people we knew.  Ariel even found friends.

 The play was great but really long.
 It was after 10 when Ariel first got to meet King Triton.
 Then Ariel met Ariel!  Ariel ran up and said, "my name is Ariel!"
 Hugs between princesses.
 So cute!
 We got back and Bev and my mom had worked on the project a bit.
 Will show you the finished product soon!