Monday, March 28, 2016

I Will Take That Car

This is a big post but it will finish off last Monday and Tuesday so I can stay about a week behind.  Monday morning the boys had enough and were trying to escape.
Ariel and I went for a walk with Mark, Melissa and Eva.  They replaced this sign within the last year.  I like the old wood sign better.  It's hard to tell but this one is not aging well.  

 So good to be home.
 Best friends.

We walked to the playground.

 Then over to the Intracoastal to see the boats.

 A quick lunch before heading out to Butterfly World.
So big!
Ok, you already saw Butterfly World.  After that we went to visit our friend Lisa and her kids.  Last we saw Lisa she had a belly almost as big as Amy's!  The kids all jumped immediately into crazy fun.

 Charlie is only a few months older than the twins but lightyears ahead.  Walking and talking.

 This was the opposite of Stacey's house from the day before.  It was the definition of baby proof.
 Charlie ate everything!

 I wish we lived closer to them.
 Later that night, Mark and I went out for a drink.  Mine was very girlie, his was not.
 Tuesday was not a beach day again so we headed to the Town Center Mall in Boca.  Lunch was at Grand Lux Cafe.  

 The babies flirted with all the older women around us.

 Aden was super excited for his molten lava cake.
 We wandered the mall a bit.  Needless to say, it's a nice place.

 I treated myself to something nice.
 I hung out with the boys while Amy and Ariel walked.
 Here they come across the street!
 Bubbie and Grandpop were nice enough to watch the kids so we could go out to dinner with Melissa and Mark.
 Yummy Cuban food.

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