Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Finally, the Beach

It's Tuesday night so time to talk about last Wednesday.  We finally got a beach day!  Not perfect but good enough.
 We were out early and it was already pretty crowded.

The girls were happy.
 What is that?  A book?  I haven't read a book on a beach in...wait, how old is Aden?
  Lots of playing and digging.

 Noah was not loving the beach.  Eli seemed ok.

 Why are you crying Eli?

 We then headed to the pool.  Aden liked the hot tub.
 Good practice for the Shore.  Coming soon!

 Aden, there are much better place to lay down...
 there you go!

 That night we had dinner at the Farmer's Table.  It's the hot new place.  Everything is organic and locally grown.  Looks like Eva was worn out.
 We had a big table.

 Dinner was great.

We then headed to Mizner...

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