Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jerry or Aden?

It's Wednesday night and we are much healthier.  Ariel woke up without a fever so we sent her to school.  Apparently whatever she had is going around there.  The boys still have runny noses but seem ok.  Did I mention our washing machine broke 2 Monday's ago?  The parts are here but the Sears guy did not show up today. Thankfully Amy's mom and neighbor Jenn have been helping us out.  You can imagine the amount of dirty clothes we produce.  

Back to the swings.
 I guess they enjoy it.

 Uh Noah, I think something is stuck to your foot.

 A quick interlude.  There are pictures of me around Aden's age.  See any resemblance?  
 Ariel was confused when we showed her these.
 I remember this costume!
 Noah's turn at swim.
 We are so pale.
 Ready to go?

 Look, Nicky came with Christian.

 Hey Christian, show me how you just jump right in.
 Our first full smile at swim!
 Not so sure about the boat ride.

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