Monday, March 14, 2016

Future Gymnast

It's Monday morning.  Couldn't do the post last night.  We have 3 sick kids.  Ariel has had a fever since yesterday.  The babies have runny noses and are cranky.  We were up all night last night.  I'm surprised we didn't see the tooth fairy that came for Aden's tooth during the night. (he got $10!)  Ok, let's get this done so I can get back to the kids...

On the move!
Hi Noah!
Ariel went to Wesley's birthday party at the NAC.
 Big crowd, like 35 kids.
 First they did the bouncy things.
 Ariel needed a lift to the top.

 Having fun with Dylan, who told her they are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend :-(

 Then up to the gym.

 She really wants to take gym at the NAC.

 Break time.

I should really buy a parachute.

 Pizza and cake for all.
 That night we had dinner with Jaime and Abby at Tony's.
 Ariel was so excited to see Amanda.
 The girls had their phone.
 The boys had theirs.  Wish us luck today!

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