Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Future Scientists

It's Tuesday night.  Let's just get into some more pics from last week.  The boys loves that chair.

 Science Fair at school.  Aden wanted to be involved but we didn't get our act together.  Next year.
 Joseph timed how long the flavor lasted with different gums.
 Aden seemed interested in several of the experiments.

 Ariel was into the rockets.

 One of Aden's friends made paper airplanes for everyone.

 Some of the kids gave out candy to the people that listened to their experiments.  Ariel was determined to get 2 pieces for some reason.  Aden's teacher was one of the judges.  Ariel followed her to someone that had Jolly Ranchers.  She stood next to Mrs. Caraccio patiently and when Mrs. Caraccio got her candy for listening, she asked me if Ariel could have it.  So Ariel got the 2 she wanted.
 Swim class!
 Still not getting any smiles.

 Christian is always excited.

 Noah didn't get upset when I moved away.

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