Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weddings Are Fun!

Wow, how is it Thursday night already?  It was also another Summer day in March.  I'm working on this and Amy is behind me cleaning the kitchen.  Cleaning the kitchen is a full time occupation here.  Our clothes washer has been broken for almost 2 weeks so that gives Amy plenty of extra time to clean!  You can imagine how much of a mess four kids make.  We have an adventure coming up this weekend.  We are headed to New York City for a party.  Should be fun!

Back to last Saturday.  Soccer is winding down.  

 It's great when I catch Aden and Ben in the same shot.
 I will spare you too many pictures.  Actually, this might have been Aden's last game for the season so now you can look forward to baseball pictures soon!
 Saturday afternoon, we played around.
 The boys like to get into trouble together.
 Let's play with the printer.
 Yes you.  

 Ariel arranged all of this.  
 I went to get the mail and came back to this!  Noah loves daddy!
 That night we had a wedding!  Mike is a college friend.  He has been with Yoon for at least 15 years.  I'm not really sure why they decided to finally get married but I'm glad they did!  The wedding was a destination for most, some came from Korea, but in some weird twist of fate, it was 10 minutes from our home!  We had our sitter watching all 4 kids so it was good we were close.
 It was at the Rose Bank Winery where Melissa had her engagement party and cousin Chad had his Bar Mitzvah.  
 The beautiful bride and her dad.
 The ceremony was half in Korean!

 The table cards each contained the seeds of the table we were at.  We now have a bunch of pumpkin seeds to plant.  

 The faces of a childless night!
 Mike the groom and Rob.  It was so much fun being back with these guys.
 I always have to get a shot with the bride.
 Yoon made these drinks.
 The food was Korean.  They called us up to get our food by where we were sitting.  They first called fruits.  We all had to check with Siri to see if pumpkin was a fruit or vegetable.  (fruit)

 Where are you going with that icing?
 Have a great weekend everyone!


benilhalk said...

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