Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Baby Selfies

Just a quick post.  I'm going to bed.  I would do this in the morning but it's too crazy.  Late at night seems to be the only chance I have. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather today.  We took the babies for a walk and they had no socks on!  (that was a huge debate)  It's 10pm now and 62 degrees outside.  The first week in March!  Oh, speaking of March 8th, this was the due date for the twins.  So I guess they are really 1 year old.  Now let's get working on the walking and words.  

Music class!  
 This was one of those crowded ones.

Ms. Marilyn getting down!

 This kid has some hair!

 Peek a boo!

 It's so different now that they stand.
 Good night!

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