Thursday, February 2, 2017

Aden's Cheering Section

It's Thursday night.  Amy and the older kids are at Neshaminy High School watching the Sound of Music.  I got the babies to bed and I am enjoying some quiet time.  I should probably get some sleep before the first baby wakes up.  Here's a big post.

Last Saturday I took Ms. Penn State to dance.  
 Of course Rebecca had to come.
 The babies kept themselves busy when we left.

 Why are they obsessed with straighteners?
 Rebecca is in her car seat.  Ready to go!

 Rebecca and I waited for Ariel to finish dancing.

 Then it was soccer time.
 The team was loose coming off our big win.  
 Aden did pretty well in goal.

 Aden had the biggest cheering section.
 Action shot.

 Eli wanted to help in goal.

 We tied this time.
 Eli liked running around with the big kids.

 Sammy came for a visit that afternoon.

 Having too much fun!  When they are dating one day I will make sure to show them all the pictures I have of them.
 Star Wars time.

 The boys pushed Sammy around.  Have a great weekend!

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