Sunday, February 26, 2017

Westfield, NJ

It's Sunday night and we are not watching the Academy Awards. (ok, we just put it on) I went snow tubing with Aden today.  He had fun.  I'm sore and tired.  Let's go back to last weekend.  After the party at the Buck's Children's Museum we drove up to Westfield New Jersey to visit friends that recently moved there.  It was only about an hour and the kids were annoying.  This is not a family of travelers.  When we finally got there after that "horrible" one hour drive the kids were excited to play.  Aden and Ariel hadn't seen Carter and Sloane for a while. 

The house wasn't baby proofed so we really had to chase around the babies.
 Some hockey in the basement.

 Then we played football outside.  The twins tried to play too!

We went into the very cute town and had dinner then treats at Kilwins.

 Pjs for the ride home.
Because everyone was wiped out from the day before, on Sunday we kept it very low key.

 We played out back.
 Aden and his bow and arrows.

 Happy to be outside!

 Then we wandered up to the school.

 Four kids in a tire.

 Of course Eli found some wires.

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