Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Go To Bed!

It's Wednesday night around 10 and I hear Eli crying.  Do you think we will ever have an easy night again?  The twins actually were in really good moods today so hopefully we are near the end of all the sickness.  Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.  Let's pray that Phil doesn't see his shadow.  The kids are very excited to find out.  

Let's finish off last week.  (I am perpetually about a week behind so I know I always know I will have stuff to post)

Who is ready for music class?
 Woo hoo!

 The boys don't love Ms. Marilyn's lap like Aden and Ariel did.

 Hug mommy!
 What's in here?

 I guess his hair isn't getting any less blond.
 Being silly at dinner.

 Busy with their phones.  
 Cheesecake Factory!
This was really late Friday night.  None of the kids wanted to go to sleep.
 We gave up and let them play for a while.  We don't have the energy to fight them.

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