Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Singing Cookie

It's Tuesday night and there is a big snow storm approaching!  They are saying 4"-8" early Thursday morning so I'm guessing no school or work.  We have to make sure we have snow clothes for everyone!  I also have to clean out the garage so I can get Amy's car inside.  I might get to use that snow blower again!

This was last Monday.  The twins were still pretty sick with their ear infections.  
 Aden wanted to hit some balls in the basement.
 This was around 1 am.
 This was around 2 am.  It was a long night.
 Tuesday night Ariel had gymnastics.  We skipped it tonight.  We skipped a lot of stuff this week so I'm going to have no pictures for next week!

 Doing a great job Ariel!

 Ariel let the boys into the Skylander drawer.
 Ariel's class took a trip to China.  I will have to show you Ariel's passport and luggage.  Very cute. 
 This was the day of their big feast.  Ariel ate a whole bowl of lo mien noodles!
 Oh no, it's a dragon!

 Yes, looks can be deceiving.  This was right before bed.

This was a round midnight.  Singing "cookie!"

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