Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cute Butt

It's Thursday before dinner.  I actually have a few minutes to work on this.  The kids are being good.  Eva and Gwen were just here. It's cute when they all play together.  We have a busy weekend coming up including having friends over.  It's good that we keep doing that because it gives us incentive to keep the house straightened up.  I might be taking Aden snow tubing too!  

These are still from last week and into last weekend.  
 The twins have to jump around on our bed before bed.
 Yum.  Lava cake.

 Everyone came over to celebrate Jeff's birthday last Thursday.  

 Even Gwen!  

Cake time!

 I love sneaking pics of Aden reading without being asked!

 All pretty for school.
 We got some bedding for the shore house!
 The boys seem to like it!
 Isn't that nice, Noah threw away his diaper.
 Does he have Amy's butt or mine?
 Saturday we had Ariel's friend's birthday party at the Bucks County Children's Museum in New Hope.  We brought all the kids because we had plans after.
 It's a cute place.  All the kids enjoyed it.
 Noah was into racing the cars.
 Remember Aden doing this at the Franklin Institute?

 Big Noah and Little Noah.

 So cool, the balls are floating in the air!

 We should go back there again soon.  Have a great weekend!

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