Sunday, February 5, 2017

3 Little Fishies

OMG.  Just watched the end of the Super Bowl.  Crazy.  That also means it's really late and I just want to go to bed.  It was a quiet weekend and I got a lot of rest but it's never enough.  When will all my kids be in college?  Let's go back to last weekend.  Usually, I take one baby a week to swim because Amy can't really see putting on a bathing suit in the Winter at 9 am on a Sunday but she knew I would be missing the following week so she thought it would be nice to bring both the babies at the same time.  Ready to go boys?
 3 of my children are on the move.
 Noah jumped right in.
 Eli was a bit more cautious.
 Ariel was a great help.  
 Proof Amy was in the pool!
 Noah absolutely loves it.  
 Ariel practicing her back floats.
 I think Amy was having fun too.  

 Eli played with Paulie.  Noah had his duckie.

 Grab it!
 Every time we put Noah on the wall he jumped right in!  One time he was faster than me and went pretty far under.  He didn't seem upset at all.  
 Jumping off the float.

I never saw kids trying to break into kids club.
They worked up a big appetite.  
Stopped by Gwen and Eva's house.
Practicing their letters.
My cutie pie.
Tell it to the hand!

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