Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentines Day

It's Wednesday night and we do have trash pickup tomorrow which I am happy about but find surprising.  We do make a tremendous amount of trash here.  We also use a ton of water and electricity. Eli is starting to say more words.  He asked for "water" in the tub.  Both the boys love when the water is running and they can play with it. And you wonder why we go through a lot of water.
Amy took Ariel to gymnastics and actually took a few pics.

 Filling out Valentines cards.  
 Ariel did a great job writing her friend's names.
 Here's your card Eli!
 In Ariel's class, the kids put the Valentines in their friend's boxes.

 Amy ran Aden's class party and took 1 whole picture!  The kids liked the activities.

 No No and Trouble.

 Heading to Mommy and Me class.
 Let's build some little rooms.
 And get in!
 Dot dot crafts.

 Snack time.

 I guess they are over their fear of the parachute.


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