Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hand Prints

Happy Valentine's Day!  We had a lot of cards flying around here this morning.  I got Amy some silly gifts including a talking Dr. Laura doll (she has been listening to her for years, which I'm not opposed to as Dr. Laura preaches wives taking care of their husbands) and a clutch with a built in phone charger.  I figure she can throw her phone in there walking around at the shore or going to the beach and keep her phone charged!  I just ate a heart shaped doughnut so I'm happy!  (Ariel ate all the chocolate covered strawberries)

What are you up to Noah?
 Hey!  Don't hit your brother.
 A moment of pre-bed craziness.

 Notice how Eli is holding Rebecca's hand.
 Aden, for the first time ever, made flash cards to study.  Aunt Melissa was so proud.
Playing on Aden's bed.

 They put their hands in the shark puppet and growled.

 Ariel and Chloe are cute together.

 Mommy and Me class.

 And sometimes daddy.

 They really loved making hand prints.

 Amy was getting the boys out of the car and they ran to the tire swing.  Thankfully it's been pretty warm.  
 Who is there?
 It's Eli!

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