Wednesday, January 26, 2022


It's Wednesday night and there is a big snowstorm coming.  So not excited.  Last Wednesday, I walked the kids to school on frozen grass.  We had been driving them because it had been so cold but it's still easier to walk.  
I thought this was funny.  
That night, the kids had pizza for dinner.  
Eli insisted on cutting it.  

I cooked a nice meal for Aden and the adults.  
Thursday, Noah's teacher sent us word that Noah was unhappy I gave him Ariel's water bottle and on top of that, it didn't have a straw.  Normally, he would have had a tantrum but he said he was going to be flexible and use it.  Lol.  
Eli and I being silly that night.  

Korean food for Ariel.  
They all tried chopstix.  
Eli did pretty well.  
Eli did homework.  

He was so into his homework, he took it to bed.  


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