Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Marv the Doughnut Pillow

It's a freezing cold Tuesday night.  Noah is the only one asleep.  Come on already!  We need some quiet.  

Last Monday, this is how I woke up.  Hi Honey!
Then the kids quickly followed.  No more sleeping for us.  
We went shopping at Kidrageous. 
I picked out an outfit for Ariel.  
Lunch at Downbeach Deli.  
Gotta love those pickles.  
Brrr.  What happened to the 60's?

We went back, packed up and drove home.  
Heather came that night.  
Ariel watched TikToks in my car.  
Last Tuesday morning, Eli found lights to play with.  
Kylie came over so Amy, Ariel and I could get out for lunch.  

We went to the Hattery in Doylestown to meet coach Lynde and Fionna.  
Poor girl had the break confirmed.  She will be in a sling for 8 weeks.  
We walked around after lunch.

Nina's Waffles!  No wonder I gained 5 lbs over break.  
The girls got matching outfits at the Gap.  
Fionna came home with us and cleaned Ariel's room!
They watched my car put on a light show.  
So clean!
Playing a math game with Noah.  
Eli got the Marv the Doughnut Pillow in the mail.  He was so excited.  Marv came from one of his favorite Youtubers.  
The girls found Eli's light.  
We made cupcakes.  
Then had a nice dinner.  
Decorating the cupcakes.  
The girls were up way too late playing.  


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