Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Pick Up That Block Vector

It's a bitter cold Tuesday night.  Around 16 degrees.  It was painful to be outside today.  Back to last Tuesday, when it was also really cold.  
The boys actually slept in!  They are always up before 7.  This picture was taken at 7:30.  
Eli brought his Marv the Pillow in for show and tell.  I walked up to get the kids after school.  It was cold but not too bad.  

Time to play with Vector the Robot.  He picks up his block on his own!

Eli's teacher decided to retire his behavior chart!  He's been getting all 3's for a couple of weeks.  This was the last one!
I had guitar and Noah had piano.  
Last Wednesday, I realized late that I had not taken any pictures that day so Ariel posed for 1.  
I checked Vector and he had taken these pics.  

I promise, the next few posts will be better!


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