Monday, January 3, 2022

Storybook Land Lights

It's Monday night.  Here's another long post.  Back to last Sunday.  We walked off the beach and walked by a store that had this in the window.  I agree!
We got back and found the kids had taken over.  
Eli wanted to go see the Lucy the Elephant playground that they are building. 
You can see the trunk and tusks.  This will be cool.  
Then we went to Eli's favorite playground.  

No one there to play with.  
While we were gone, they took Honey for another walk on the beach.  
We all met back at the house.  The girls and I went in the hot tub!  

Honey wanted to join in.  

Aden jumped in too!
Ok, let's go get ready.  
We had bought tickets to Storybook Land ages ago.  It gets sold out this time of year.  Especially since they had a show on ABC about the lightshow there.
It was cool but not cold.  It was Uncle Mark's first time here!

The littles.  
Look at Ariel's face.
Noah and Mark.
Ariel again.  Eli would not go on even though he swore he would.
The lights were so pretty.  

Mark was a sport.  Went on everything.  I just watched.  
There's Eli and Aden.
As it got darker, it got prettier.  
Amy and Eli.  
Mark is the biggest kid of all.  

I can't believe Aden went on the teacups.  He gets motion sick like me.  
Roller coaster!

There was a lightshow to music that was fun.  
Sleigh ride.
A view from the ferris wheel.  

Cool tree!
One last ride.
Aden conquered the merry go round!
Some pretty lights.  

Fake snow!

Back and we made funnel cake!
I had been wanting to try this.  

It came out great!
Back to the games.  
Kids and their pillows.  

Ok kids, go to bed, we need to play Rummy. 
Serious game. 


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