Thursday, January 27, 2022

The Backwalkover Queen

It's Thursday night.  Another week has flown by.  We are almost at the end of January.  It's all just a blur.  I really am trying to enjoy it but it's hard.  You should have seen us trying to get through a family therapy session tonight.  The kids are impossible!  Back to last Friday.  Good morning Ariel.  
Looks like french toast for Eli.  
Amy likes to find new games for the kids.  
Ariel had cheer practice, then a private lesson.  She has been working on her back walkover for literally years.  Coach Serina said it was enough.  She looked at Ariel and said, do 3 right now.  

This is what happened!

She got 3 in a row, just like that!  So she got to ring the new skill bell.  Everyone stopped what there were doing and cheered as she did it one more time.

Wow!  That was a big relief.  We knew it was mind of matter.  She was always able to do it, just scared.  This time, she was ordered to do it and she did!  Now she does them all the time all over the house!  Yay!

Then Ariel and Serina practiced the teams routine.  

Lift time!
She was working on switching her legs when she was in the air.

Then they started working on the her back handspring.

Even Serina got a lift!
Ariel got way high in the air.  

Then Ariel tried on her new uniform! So cute!
Have a great weekend!


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