Thursday, January 6, 2022

New Years Eve

It's Thursday night and snow is coming.  They have already cancelled school for tomorrow.  Poor us.  I don't know if we are prepared.  Don't know if we have the clothes to play in the snow or someone to clean the driveway.  Last Friday, we had to shuffle around the house while the cleaning lady worked.  We thankfully cancelled her for tomorrow.  Speaking of last Friday, it was New Years Eve.  

Eli was ready to party!
We went to my neighbor Jenn's house.  All the neighbors were there.  
Amy with Jenn and Bari.
Ariel loved her sparkling cider.  She had many over the course of the night and pretended to be drunk!
The young ladies.  
My girlie was styling in her new outfit.  

The big boys.  
They found their way to the basement.  

So much food.  Fun converation.  

Eli was of course blown away by the tree.  He couldn't stop touching it.  
Maybe the magnatiles were not the best idea.  You will see why later.  
The new years couple!
The girls on the street.  
I brought my cookie shot glasses.  I made frozen mudslides to put in them.  Super yummy.  
My pretty wife!

So Noah was playing with the magnatiles and somehow one ended up going through the tv!  Their new tv was delivered Monday.  
We went outside to shoot some fireworks.  
These were pretty good.  
More drinks for the girls.  
Vicky did tequila shots out of my cookie cups.  

My big guy.  
How did Jenn get them to smile?  
I think Nancy may have had a few drinks.  She was funny.  

Playing with a 3d printer.  
It was time to gather around the tv for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve.  The show was absolutely horrible.  
But it's tradition.  
This picture has like 200 likes on Facebook!  Marv is the star.  
Countdown time.  
It's 2022!

Time for more shots!

Happy New Year!  Thanks for hosting Jenn!


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