Sunday, January 2, 2022

Christmas In Margate

It's Sunday night.  The winter break is over!  The kids are supposed to go to school tomorrow morning but the virus is out of control and we are expecting a snowstorm so who knows.  I brought in my snow boots to warm up!  These next few posts are going to be huge.  I took a lot of pictures over break.  

Last Saturday it was Christmas, Ariel came in wondering in Santa had come during the night.  We don't think he did.  
That morning, after 30 years and 10's of billions of dollars, the James Webb telescope finally launched.  

That's the last view of the telescope we will ever see.  It will be stationed over a million miles from earth.  I'm excited to see the pictures it's able to get.  
Later that morning, we loaded up the car and drove to Margate.  
The twins got right back on their favorite pillows.  
It was good to be back.  We messed it up pretty quickly.  
Melissa Mark and the girls came to stay with us.  
Rummy time!

We played a lot of games.  
Clarisse and I made dinner for everyone.  I warmed up my little hotties for an appetizer.  

It was crazy the whole time.  The kids and dog never stopped.  

Get her uncle Mark.

So the oven stopped working.  
Glad we have a big toaster oven.  

Aden almost made it out of the picture.  

Time to eat.  

More games.  
We got all the kids to bed.  
Then it was adult time.  
Last Sunday morning, the kids were up early.
Amy, Melissa and I slept in so Uncle Mark was in charge!

I made pancakes and bacon.  

More games!
More craziness.  
Honey played outside.  

It was around 60 degrees.  It felt good!  Amy, Melissa and I took Honey to the beach.  
Yes, Mark got all the kids again.  
Honey had so much fun.  

That ball didn't last very long.  She chewed it up.  

Nothing like a romantic walk on the beach.  
These came out cute.  

That's me!
Lucy the Elephant is getting renovated.  

We walked back.  To be continued...


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