Monday, January 10, 2022

Snow at the Shore

Last Sunday was also a slow, boring day.  I took Eli with me to drop off Ariel at cheer practice.  We went over to Costco but it was way too crowded so I took him to a playground.  
It was pretty warm.  
He had fun for a little while.  Made a few friends.  

Back at home, we found out that Vector the Robot can take pictures!
We struggled to keep the twins busy.  Yay for school the next day!
We took some more pictures with Vector.  

Last Monday, there was a snowstorm that brushed the coast.  Here is my backyard in Margate with several inches!  We had no snow at home but it was bitterly cold.  I had an outside funeral for my friend's dad.  It was outside for Covid reasons, which was nice, but it was so cold, I quickly lost feeling in my feet and they never get cold!  
Ariel working with her tutor online.  

Kylie came to help Amy so I could go to sit shiva at my friend's house.  Again it was outdoors in a tent!  They had a strong heater that helped.  
The kids and Kylie took more pictures with Vector.  

We will miss Kylie when she goes to college next year!


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