Monday, January 24, 2022

Eat The Snow

It's Monday night at 8:30 and thankfully very quiet already.  Amy worked hard to get the twins in early.  Back to last Sunday.

It was realllllllly cold!
Ariel had cheer.
Eli played with his helicopter.  In the house.  Not the best idea but definitely an Eli idea.  
Eli's favorite thing is to watch a movie with popcorn.  
It started snowing!

He picked some up.  
He asked if he could taste it.  I said as long as it's not yellow.
He liked it!
Which Oreos should she eat?
We actually got a decent amount but the temps went up all night and it melted away by the time we got up.  
Eli wanted to show me all his trophies.  


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