Sunday, April 24, 2022

Passover Seder

It's Sunday night.  The last week of April coming up and I'm freezing!  That didn't stop us from going to a really cute ice cream place near Princeton!

Last Saturday, Eli and Noah got going early.  Eli never puts Mickey down.  
This was so creative!  Eli made it for Disney World's 50th Anniversary.                                                                         
Eva, Gwen and Honey stopped by. 
 Right on the Cyberquad.  
Go get him Honey!
We put the pillows back outside.  
We practiced some baseball.  

Then we headed over to Amy's parent's house for the Passover seder.  It was nice enough to sit outside.  

We all caught up.  
The twins rode their scooters.  

Ariel got to hold baby Quinn.  
We had a great night!


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