Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Draining the Tub

It's Wednesday night.  The trash is out.  The kids are asleep.  All is well.  Tonight, the twins had their first baseball game and it went reasonably well.  I just wish it wasn't so cold.  

Last Wednesday, I went with some guys from work to the Phillies game business persons special at 1.  It was a beautiful day to be back at Citizen's Bank Park.  
We sat in the Citizen's Bank box with our banker and friend Amy.  
Nice view.  

I hadn't been to a game in years so it was nice to get out there.  

I got back the driveway was full of chalk.  
I took the twins to baseball practice.  
They listened and did well.  

After practice, we packed up and headed to the shore.  The kids were off Thursday, Friday and Monday.  

Thursday morning, I got up early.  But not before the twins.  
I went for a long run.  
I got back and the twins had made a fort.  

I took the kids to Hot Bagels and Wawa to get breakfast.  
Now, who is going to clean this mess up?
Ariel jumped in the tub but it was a bit funky so she got out.  The water had been in there since last summer.  
Art for Eli.  
Dairy Bar was open!  We all got yummy burgers. 
I drained the tub.  
Then I cleaned up the fort.  
We walked over to Jamaican Me Crazy to shop and Channel 6 ABC news was there to do a story.  They asked us to be in background shots.  The kids were excited.  Amy and I hid.  

The playground was crowded so we didn't stay long.  
Ariel sporting her new sweatshirt.  
We walked home.  
Eli tried out his new bubble gun.  It was cool.  
That night, we went to Atlantic City for dinner.  

The Rainforest Cafe isn't exactly fine dining, but the kids like it.  
Wow, that was a long post for a long couple of days.  


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