Monday, April 11, 2022

Snipers are Number 1!

It's Monday night.  We have a very busy week.  Tonight we had football and cheer.  Back to Wildwood last Saturday. 

I left you when we took the pictures outside.  Then we went back in for judging.  

We went high up in the stands.  It was a cool place. 
The girls all gathered in the back then moved to the front.  

We got first place!  So exciting!

On elast snuggle with the coaches.  
Then we went to a pizza place nearby.  
The girls had fun.  We ate so much pizza.  
Great day girls!
Then Ariel and I drove the 2 hours home.  Waiting for her was her box from Denny's Clothing.  She was so excited.  She tried everything on.  
Eli took a ride on the Cyberquad.  
Elis also lost a tooth and was terrified of the tooth fairy coming.  He had so much trouble sleeping.  He kept checking his window to make sure it was locked.  He finally wrote a note for her.  I will translate.  Leave it (the money) out of the room!  So she did. 
Sunday, I took the twins and Ariel and friend to Jersey to find an indoor mini golf course.  They are few and far between.  
It was a bowling alley with mini golf and an arcade.  

So cool.  
The twins always and to play mini golf but they always just run through the course.  They were done in 5 minutes.   

Arcade time.  

Dairy Queen.  The girls are growing up so fast!

My parents came over for dinner.  
And we played some games.  


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