Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Outside Play

It's Tuesday night, my sister's birthday, the day after mine!  I made her her favorite meal of chicken cutlets and brussel sprouts.  It was another cold, wet and windy day.  Back to last Monday.  The kids scooted to school.  
It was nice after school so we made them play outside.  
Hide and seek!

Ariel had an Indian's cheer.  

The chalk has been a big hit lately.  

That night, Aden had a football game.  It was against his buddy.  

It was a pretty crazy game.  No score till a few minutes left then the other team scored 7.  We went down the field and scored 8 (they have 2 point conversions) with 10 seconds left.  Our boys were celebrating.  All they had to do was stop them one play.  Of course that one play was a hail mary that ended up in the hands of the guy Aden was guarding and he ran in for the winning touchdown.  Oh well.  
Eli got to see an exciting game.  
Last Tuesday, we had guitar and piano.  
Our mulch was put down.  
It looks good for a few weeks at least.  
Let's go ride!

Ariel grabbed the Cyberquad.  
Then the boys took turns.  

Ariel beat Amy at pig!  I don't think I've ever seen Amy play basketball before!
I'm at the upper weight limit for the Cybersquad so it goes really slow when I'm on it.  The kids fly!


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