Monday, April 4, 2022

Snipers Tie Dye

It's Monday night. Nothing too exciting to report.  Last Sunday, Aden had a flag game and it was crazy cold.  
Aden and his team played a little too well.  The mercy rule was in effect.  They were not allowed to score anymore and it was still the first half!

Hard to tell but it was flurrying.  
Ariel had cheer, then the whole team went to make tie dye shirts!
Looks like they had fun!

Good job Ariel.  
I will show you how the shirts came out later!

Eli worked on his Star of the Week poster.  

Then we made dinner.  
Ariel showed off her sticker collection.  
What is this?  Aden and Ariel cuddling?!?!


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