Sunday, April 17, 2022

Dana and Bryan's Wedding

It's Sunday night.  Happy Passover and Easter!  Last Saturday was exciting.  We had a wedding to go to!  That morning the boys went a little crazy in the family room.  
Then we played some baseball.  We tried to go on the grass but it was so wet and muddy.  
So we played on the deck.  
Then we moved downstairs for ping pong.  
That afternoon, Amy and I went to the Bluestone Country Club in Blue Bell for the wedding of Dana, the daughter of someone I work with, to Bryan.  It had been cold and rainy but it cleared up just in time to have the ceremony outside.    
The nephew was cute.  

They actually got married already so this was a quick ceremony. 

Probably shouldn't have been in the direct sunlight.  It was the first time I wore a tux in years!  I even remembered how to tie the bow tie.  Amy looked so pretty!
We were here for a wedding in the fall.  It's a very pretty place.  

My parents and Bev and Melissa and Mark were there too.  
So nice.  

My parents had a great time!
Amy and I both had spikey shoes!
The sisters.  

There's Bev!
The food was great.  This was dessert.  
The wedding cake.  

We danced all night!
The four of us.  We haven't aged at all!


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